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"The most essential part of designing your home is that you create a home that truly represents you...or the person you aspire to be."
Lori Fradella
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vibrant Accessories

What's in season for fall? It's all about adding a sense of richness with the perfect accessories. Use these beautiful accents loaded with expensive appeal at affordable prices to style any room. The look is easy to achieve: Simply use vases, candles, pillows, light and rug to add the special touch to your place. Visit Crate and Barrel, one of my favorite home decor stores.

Inspired by a mid-Century antique. The circular base is surrounded by an antiqued brass starburst radiating a curving, geometric arrangement of steel wire. Brass drippings create a bright textural circle at the center. The finish allows it to be displayed indoors or out.

Bold, organic sphere with offset neck and a creamy craqueleur finish make a decorative, sculptural statement.

Handspun raw matka silk straight from the cocoon is handwoven, hand-dyed and beaten with bamboo sticks to bring out the lustrous glow and wonderfully soft linen-like texture.

Interlocking whimsical shapes take shape in a kaleidoscope of vibrant tonal blues and browns outlined on cream white. The texture and rich color of the original acrylic painting by artist Liz Jardine is reproduced as an offset lithograph, handsomely framed in a minimalist black wood frame.

The arc lamp goes over and above modern expectations, suspending a geometric two-tier shade in crisp white cotton blend from a satin nickel-finished arch. Round grey marble base adds a classic touch.

nspired by the turned wood legs of an antique table, curvaceous candleholder is crafted of plantation-grown sustainable mango wood with a warm, subtly smoked walnut finish unique to each piece.

Broad bands of grey and ivory stretch horizontally across this modern and sophisticated cotton rug hand-loomed by artisans skilled in flat-weave construction.

All above accesories from Crate and Barrel stores, crateandbarrel.com.

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