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Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to Set a Dining Room Table



  1. Make sure you plan the menu and number of guests in a timely manner. Gather the appropriate dishes and flatware.
  2. Determine what kind of linens will be used. From tablecloth to place mats, options are unlimited.  Iron your linens, if needed. Place mats are suitable in place of a tablecloth.

  3. Set your centerpiece in the center of the table. Fresh flowers and candles  are always a perfect choice.
  4. Place dinner plates one inch from the edge of the table in front of each chair.

  5. Lay the fork on the left side of the plate. The knife goes on the right-hand side, with the sharp side facing the plate. The spoon goes right next to the knife. 
  6. Add any additional utensils, based on the menu. Spoons will go next to spoons and forks next to forks. Common additions include a salad fork and a soup spoon. The utensils should be placed in the order they will be used, with the first course utensils farthest from the plate.

  7. Put the glass directly above the knife and spoon. A wineglass can be placed next to the water glass, if wine will be served.

  8. Lay a napkin in the center of the  dinner plate. A napkin ring will add a nice flair to the entire table setting.

For formal occasions, a crisp, white tablecloth will look best.

Small details make your table setting more attractive to guests. Put the butter in a small dish, place bread in a napkin-lined basket, light the candles, and use your best serving pieces when it's time to bring out the food.

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