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Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to Choose an Area Rug







This article focuses on the important thing that should be pondered upon while buying an area rug. Area Rugs are always said to be the ultimate choice for embellishing the floor whether it is of your home or office area. Rugs instantly spruce up the floor leaving behind the stunning accent to the room. Rugs are available in innumerable shades, shapes, sizes as well as designs that give complete touch to your home décor. It is very necessary to choose the perfect color and design so that it compliments your home furnishing or else you might end up with messing all the embellishment of your room.

Given below are the simple tips that have to be taken into consideration while purchasing an area rug for your home.

Color: To end up with good thing, go for your favorite color by adding white to it. Going for light shaded rugs are other great option to brighten up the space. Lightly hued colors also make the room look more spacious and lively. Further, add accent to your room by throwing the same colored pillows and other accessories like wall paint colors, draperies, wall hangings and furniture as well.

Design: When you step on the new room first thing you consider is the wall color, but it would better to decide the pattern and color of the rug first and then go wall color. Use the patterns of the rug and tone them with the wall color. If your area rug has multiple patterns go for the light shaded or complimenting color for the walls of your home. You can even go for mixing patterns as this will add fun and interest to the room. Larger or smaller patterns should be selected by keeping in mind that they are in the same color palette Rugs with the bold colored borders go gorgeously in any decor theme.

Size: Consider the dimension of the room before buying any rug and also consider the place where it has to be placed. If the space of your room is larger than go for the 6'X8' or 4'X6' area rug, you can even place them under the attractive furniture. The perfect size for the larger rooms or dining room is 8' x 11' or larger than this. Mid-sized family rooms and smaller living rooms or for hall ways, 5' x 8' and 6' x 9'dimensioned area rugs would be the brilliant choice. 3' x 5' to 4' x 6'' sized rugs can be used for the lavatory doorway or kitchens.

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