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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Organization--My Resolution for 2012

It is the beginning of the year and my resolution this year? Organize all the areas around my house and even around my work space. If you are like me that have been looking for the perfect time to finally get organized, now is the time! Let’s use the New Year as an excuse to start organizing ourselves. Many of us do not have time to do what we want to do the most, and the best way to do so is by setting priorities. Whether it is to spend more time with friends and family, achieving goals, or just get to read a book the best way is to do so is by avoiding clutter around our space. Yes, clutter! By organizing your drawers, closets, office space, etc you will know where everything is and will take less time and will add more to your family life, your social affairs and your work expectations. I was “navigating”online grabbing ideas on how to start and be able to accomplish my organizational process. I found few good tricks and also the best online stores that give us many ideas, whether it is a do-it yourself or already made racks, and shelves. All we need is to make some small changes around the house – and will soon see the benefits.
1.     Choose the easiest and best place to start; it could be your laundry, your clothing’s closet, or the kitchen drawers. 
2.     Make sure you have everything you need handy to start organizing yourself. If doing your closets you may use big garbage bags to put away things you want to donate or trash. Mark each one of them with markers: trash, donate, storage, etc.
3.     When re-setting the closet, arrange to hang all jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, shirts together. Have a separate area for jackets, purses, scarves and belts to have them handy as well. 
4.     Keep all cleaning products together, by putting the most often used in front. Do the same in the kitchen, with the seasonings, cereals, food cans.
5.     Remember, if something you own is not in use or has not been in use for over six months, give it away, someone else may have good use of that item.

6 . Find a store that can help you accomplish your goal of organization. My favorite stores is The Container Store which offers a lot of solutions to your organizational needs. Visit thecontainerstore.com
7. And last, the hardest thing to do when organizing is to start, once you start, you will find yourself motivated to continue with other areas in the house.

Using the closet system for clothing’s provides visibility of the contents and access to the things most needed.

Tackle the clutter that accumulates at your family’s entrance, mudroom or utility area - all that stuff that comes into your home every day like backpacks, umbrellas - even sports equipment -so your space stays nice and neat by using shelves, baskets, and hooks.

The shelves provide storage space for craft supplies, toys, books and games. A desk area sets the stage for your little one to create, color or draw.
 Hang shelves and drawers to work in your office to maximize space and create smart storage.

Shelves and Drawers keep laundry items within reach - and easy view - to save you time. A closet rod offers space for hanging freshly ironed garments.  Hooks provide out-of-the-way storage for mops, brooms and dusters.
Use shelves in the linen's closet. You will keep them handy when needed.

Keep platters, bowls, casserole dishes and other serving accessories organized and easily accessible.  Shelves keep recipe books and magazines neat. Everything you need to whip up a fantastic meal is organized and at your fingertips when your pantry is organized.

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