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"The most essential part of designing your home is that you create a home that truly represents you...or the person you aspire to be."
Lori Fradella
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Helpful Tips on Interior Colors

Here are some items to consider when picking colors for your home.

  • Warm colors stimulate and can make people feel warmer in cooler temperatures.
  • Cool colors are quiet, calming and restful. They can make people feel cooler.
  • High contrasts promote activity and are not restful.

  • Warm colors attract more attention than cool colors.
  • High intensity of color attracts attention and more is effective if limited to a pleasant surprise.

  • Warm colors can increase the size of an object making it appear closer but it can decrease the apparent size of a room.
  • The same can happen with very intense colors.
  • Dark colors can blur the edges of a room which can give the feeling of more space.


  • Cool colors can make an object recede, warm colors will advance.
  • Light colors can make an object recede, dark colors will advance.

Tips on selecting your wall color, paint or wallpaper:
1. Get the largest sample you can or buy a small container of the colors you are considering and paint them on poster board.

2. Place your samples in different areas of the room: in a corner, opposite a window, next to a window, next to any existing trim or fixed details and see if the color is still appealing. If you have important wood trim or floors consider if they have a yellow, red or green tone to them and pick your wall color to harmonize.

3. View your samples at different times of day and with lighting you will have in the room.

4. View the sample like you would in your room. If you are painting a ceiling, place the sample above you and look up. If you are painting a floor, place it on the floor and view it from above.

5. Always try a few shades lighter and darker of your chosen color when you are sampling, you may be very surprised what you end up with.

6. Never ever pick a color without doing steps 1-5!
When you take a little extra time to consider these ideas and follow these steps you will be well on your way to making a decision you will be happy with. Do it once and do it right.
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